Traverse Biosciences is commercializing novel drug candidates for the treatment of inflammatory diseases and related conditions affecting humans and companion animals.

Traverse Biosciences is a privately-held bioscience company established in June 2013 to commercialize a proprietary library of new molecular entities invented at Stony Brook University.  Our lead candidate, TRB-N0224, is envisioned as the first FDA-approved, once-daily prescription medication for the prevention and control of canine periodontal disease.  We are also pursuing complimentary therapeutic indications for TRB-N0224, as well as additional drug candidates in the pipeline with implications for both human and veterinary medicine.

Traverse Biosciences was named to reflect our core mission to successfully navigate the "valley of death" separating early-stage academic technologies from becoming viable commercial products for the benefit of health, society and the economy.  Our business model is centered around the achievement of key technical milestones in alignment with a validated market opportunity and a clear exit strategy.  With the support of our investors and stakeholders, our goal is to strategically mitigate product development risks and add tangible commercial value to our assets.